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Welcome to Wolf Fabrication & Engineering, a certified BEE Level 1 Provider and an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality managed business. We are a Small Business of fewer than 50 souls, owner managed and where once we provided only general engineering, welding and boilermaking skills, we have evolved to now provide outsourced manufacturing services.

Our principle business focus is no longer generic once off project based fabrication, but focussed and specific manufacturing of specific items or components for our customers. For example, one of our international clients that provides structural underground mining solutions, found their own internal manuafcturing of a certain friction component expensive and unreliable, Wolf has assumed the responsibility of making sure that this specific component is available on demand. They now have a guaranteed supply at a guaranteed cost, no questions asked. This allows them to focus on their core business. Likewise, another large customer had a problem with a specific hand tool which can be considered a consumable item. This particular component requires induction heating and then forging. The cost effective manufacture of this required implementation of a lean production line, with the adoption of the "theory of constraints" to manage the effecient flow material from one operation to the next. Again, we assume full accounatability for the availability of this component, no questions asked.

Choosing Wolf as your business partner

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What Wolf does - our mission

Wolf will help you solve any of your manufacturing and supply chain demands where metals are involved (we do not do plastics). We implement LEAN process engineered production solutions providing our customers with guaranteed supply and availability of essential but non core components. Put another way, we take away the hassle of non-core but essential production, reducing your costs and guaranteeing delivery.

What Wolf is known for

Whereas Wolf was renowned first and foremost for its specialist earth-moving bucket fabrication & repair capability, this is no longer a focus of our business. We took the view that this was an over specialisation and did not really make us indispensable and relevant. Specialising in earth moving buckets requires local presense which is not scaleable, and requires more than we thought we could reasonably invest in in terms of infrastructure and transport. Where we can add value, we still do earth-moving bucket work, but it is now less than 10% of our revenues.

However, we still have a reputation with our established customers as curious and energetic folk who like to solve challenging production problems and we are recognised as people who will venture into new production techniques to do that which is required to respond to their needs. For example, our sister company discovered that their preload disc springs were suffering fatigue issues and not meeting the operational life cycles predicted. Wolf undertool a study to examine their manufacturing process and discovered limitations in their shot-peening surface treatment process. Wolf designed the process from first principles, learned about saturation curves, the proper use of elmon strips, and implemented changes to their shot-peening equipment, adjusting flow rates, shot-peening hold times, cabinet packing density etc. Wolf is now their goto supplier for shot peening and fatigue conditioning for their disc springs and has ensured that their preload bearing components meet and exceed expected operational life cycles.

We love new challenges, why not throw one at us?